Fear: The End of New Beginnings

Fear: The End of New Beginnings

While praying God revealed to me the need for His people to overcome their fears and dropped this focus into my heart.

So…here we are. 

As we begin this journey I want to present you with a spiritual definition of fear: 

This definition allows us to see the true result of our fear and the root of it. Fear is rarely rooted in the assignment. It is often the result of a deeper issue of trust. When we walk in fear we are telling God we do not trust Him to take care of the problem or situation. 

God wants each of His children to know that His love for us should outweigh any fear we possess. Though trials may come we are not to be bound by distrust (the root of fear). 


Using the definition shown above, how are you acting in fear? Write or summarize the way or ways you have allowed fear to overpower your life.

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